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Leadership Business Academy, a Leadership Business Consulting company, is dedicated exclusively to talent development through: i) Strategic Planning of skills development, ii) Knowledge Transfer and iii) Sustainable Transformation.

  • In the business world and in public organizations providing quality services, increasing productivity, profitability and competitiveness will only happen if the organization is properly supported by coherent and structured development programs around improving technical and innovation competences, leadership, management, knowledge management and change management skills.
  • For improved strategic, organizational or operational plans, the future of the organization depends on training managers, as they are the key for well executed and implemented plans. Skills development is, therefore, an area of great importance and responsibility.
  • This reality is clearly visible in the markets we operate in: South Africa, Angola, Cape Verde, California (USA), Spain, Portugal and Mozambique.



Creating Results through Strategic Innovation

Creating Results through Technology

Creating Results through Talent 


The key to competiveness and productivity are leadership, strategic innovation, talent and information technology. 

Leadership Business Academy wants to position itself as a reference partner in increasing organizations efficiency by developing skills.


Leadership Business Academy’s goal is to optimize HR performance and increase private and public companies’ competiveness. LBA wants to be a reference partner in increasing organizations efficiency with a reference approach and oriented to customers’ needs. LBA develops a training approach based on the rigor of an academy and associated to the management consulting experience framework.




Our approach is based on 4 important aspects: 


Certified, by an official entity, to give training