Leadership Business Group


Business Solutions Focused on Results

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The Leadership Business Group consists of Leadership Business Consulting, the parent company, and two spin-offs, Leadership Business Technology and Leadership Business Academy. Leadership Business Consulting is registered as a local company in five countries: Angola, Spain, USA, Portugal and Mozambique and also provides services in South Africa and Cape Verde.

Our focus is to attain measurable results and create value for our customers.  Take a look at how we enhance value.


Leadership Business Consulting is an international management consulting company that ensures high quality standards, professional values and a personalized service for each client, in any of the following areas: strategy and finance, organization and change management, human capital management, performance and operations, marketing and sales, and business technology. 



Leadership Business Technology provides services that link business knowledge and IT skills. LBT assists clients by improving their business results, by using proper systems and technologies.


logo_lba          Leadership Business Academy provides training and talent development services, by combining the experience, the performance culture and result oriented areas with educational techniques as to achieve results at the target company.

The quality of our consultants with proven professional, business and academic skills is vital to our success. Moreover, as our success is based on our clients’ satisfaction, our performance is assessed at the end of each project.

Our rapid growth, not only reflects our client recognition but also the value in each client relationship.